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 Frequenty asked Questions

Q:    Can any person walk into the Food Bank to get food?

A:    All clients of the Food Bank must go through a detailed screening process and meet the requirements.


Q:    I have seen people that I know drive nice cars and wear nice clothes in line at the Food Bank to get Hampers.  Do they really need assistance?

A:    The Food Bank provides emergency food service to those who demonstrate a genuine need.  Anyone can find themselves in a Financial Crises.         All clients of the Food Bank must go through a detailed screening process.


Q:   Is there potential for someone to take advantage of the Food Bank by not looking for proper means of supporting themselves?

A:    The Food Bank serves a very diverse cross section of people in the Community which includes but not limited to seniors, single parents &         recent immigrants.  Many of our clients are working but making less than the poverty line.  Some need to have a least two jobs and still cannot         make ends meet. 


Q.    Does the Food Bank throw away food?

A:    All food must meet levels of Food Safety & Quality Control Standards, prior to being distributed to our clients.  Unsafe food items that do not         meet these standards must be discarded.


Q:    Does the Food Bank duplicate services offered by other Organizations in the Community?

A:    We work with many Partner Organizations to deliver services in collaboration to avoid duplication.


Q:    Does the Food Bank get any funding from the Government?

A:    The Food Bank is a not-for-profit Organization that does not receive, or eligible to receive funding from either the FCSS, Provincial or Federal         Government.



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