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Eligibility Requirements

 The Food Bank Foundation endeavours to help all those in need.  There are requirements that need to be met in order to become a Client.  All information is kept strictly confidential


To qualify for any of our programs (not including the Senior Boost Program), we would ask that you provide proof of Income for all members of the household 18 years or older.  This will include the following:

  •  AISH/SFI/CPP/EI Or Disability Payment Documentation, if applicable
  • Child Maintenance/Alimony Payments, if applicable
  • Child Tax Credit Payments, if applicable
  • Identification for everyone listed on a hamper
  • Acceptable Identification:  Driver's License, Birth Certificate, Alberta Health Care Card.
  • New arrivals can provide documentation available that provides their name and the names of each person in the household

Proof of the following expenses:

  • Rent receipt or evidence of Mortgage Payment
  • Household Power Bill
  • Household Gas Bill
  • Medical Expenses (not covered by any other source)
  • Evidence of Child Support Payments
  • NOTE - Your telephone bill is no longer required, a $75.00 allowance is automatically applied

Qualification Procedures are completed every three months.




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