Guidelines for Clients

Receiving a Hamper…..

The Brooks Food Bank strives to provide an easy and stress free application process.  Our priority is to provide emergency assistance for all individuals and families in need.  Due to the current economic realities in Brooks and District, we have amended our guidelines to assist as many individuals and families as possible.   These guidelines will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

Due to increased activity at the Food Bank, we would encourage that whenever possible you call to book and appointment.  We will endeavor to assist all walk-in clients however clients with appointments will be assisted at their appointed time.  Appointment times are available Monday and Friday mornings and all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

All applicants must bring in a valid piece of ID for all members of your household.  Households containing multi families will be treated as one household, however; the hamper size will accommodate the number of adults and children in the household. 

Acceptable ID is any of the following:

  • Drivers’ License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Alberta Heath Care Card
  • New arrivals can provide documentation available that provides their name and the names of each person in the household.

To assist us in our verification process we will also require proof of address.

Acknowledging and recognizing your contribution to our City and District, our Senior Citizens that require either temporary or permanent assistance are eligible without qualification.  If you are a senior citizen it is our privilege to assist you.

All applicants that either provide proof of employment termination/lay-off notification or an Interagency Referral Form will be provided with full hampers every six weeks plus bi-weekly hampers (bread, dairy, children’s lunches, fresh fruit and vegetables).  This service will be provided for 20 weeks.

Please note that personal hygiene products are only provided when available, this includes toilet papers, tissue, hair and body wash products, tooth paste, laundry and household cleaning products. 

The Food Bank does not retain copies of any of the documentation provided, the information provided is quickly reviewed while you wait and is immediately returned.

If further assistance is required after the initial 20 weeks we would ask that you please reference the qualification procedures below. 

To qualify we would ask that you provide proof of income for all members of the household 18 years or older. 

This should include:

  • Your most recent Bank Statement or your 2 most recent pay stubs.
  • AISH/SFI/CPP/EI or Disability stub, if applicable
  • Child Maintenance/Alimony Payments, if applicable
  • Child Tax Credit, if applicable

Proof of the following expenses: 

  • Either your Rent Receipt or evidence of Mortgage Payment
  • Household Power Bill
  • Household Gas Bill
  • Medical Expenses (not covered by another source)
  • Child Support Payment evidence
  • Please note your phone bill is no longer required, a $75.00 allowance is applied.

Qualification procedures are completed every six months.

We pride ourselves in offering a safe and secure environment for our clients, our employees and our volunteers.  Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the premises.